Friday, October 5, 2012

Mouse eggs created from stem cells

BBC Health and Science news
Kyoto University team of scientists announced a year ago success in getting mouse pups using artificial insemination of the mother with sperm derived from stem cells. They have now performed the same amazing medical feast by using mouse eggs.

The children of these mice single parents are fertile and have already got their own children!

Compare the original story by Dennis Normile in venerable Science on October 4, 2012 titled
Sperm and Eggs Created in Dish Produce Mouse Pups

and the news story on the same subject by James Callagher in BBC Health and Science titled
Life created from eggs made from skin cells

In your opinion, which title corresponds more accurately to the content of the news?

Which one of the cited articles gives clearer picture of what was done and of the potential significance of the breakthrough technology to us humans?